Internet of Things consultant support

@Vasil Vasilev 1624 days ago


We are living in a world where internet is our daily routine. We are all connected to it.
We can controll almost everything, if we want to do so.
In nowadays we are speaking more and more about smart homes, smart cars, home automation.
The idea behind all of this is to communicate with the things around us. We cannot tell the car, please turn the lights on, because it is too dark and I cannot find you, we cannot ask the house if the doors are closed, because I forgot if I locked them.
But developers like me and companies around the world are making tools and scripts to help you in this communication.

I am providing services in the sphere of Internet of Things, smart home, office and building automation.

If you have a house, office, building, and want to access it via web, if You have a project that needs comunication between servers (MQTT/AMQP/Publish/Subscribe) or you have already a comunication and want to upgrade. You want to create Internet Of Things, you can request consultant support via the web tool: