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WEB applications Developer

I build and support web applications that help business automate their tasks and better organize their projects and workflow

 develop innovative solutions     keen on automation     helping with cloudization


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I graduated from Mathematics Gymnasium - Mathematics and informatics with honors. During the period 2003-2009, I have achieved a bachelor`s and a master`s degrees in Automation, Information and Control Engineering, Technical University of Sofia.

Professional Skills

I am working as an IT expert in the IBM, AWS, DevOps, Automation, IoT field. I consider myself a team player. When I set a goal, I am trying to achieve it. One of my aims is to encourage more people to align better with their time. Being a team player I stand for the cause, when someone has a task that cannot solve in time alone, he/she should refer for help, advice, or idea from colleagues. In the end, we should help each other.

Nowadays the most important thing in the IT-sphere is the data. Because of the fact that every day this data is growing up, the problem in the future with supporting applications will always be data management. We have to take care of the development, monitoring, and support of the data management environment. I develop myself in all streams of middleware, especially application development and the Internet Of Things.

Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps RabbitMQ
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps IBM ACE
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps AngularJS
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Wildfly AS
Wildfly AS
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Azure Cloud
Azure Cloud
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps App development
App development
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps PowerShell
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Linux
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Microsoft IIS
Microsoft IIS
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Home automation
Home automation
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Kubernetes
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Atlassian Bamboo
Atlassian Bamboo
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps System Administration
System Administration
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Github
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps DB2 database
DB2 database
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Angular
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps WebLogic Server
WebLogic Server
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Oracle Application Server
Oracle Application Server
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps Websphere MQ
Websphere MQ
Vasil Vasilev (https://vasilev.link) @ DevOps IoT Development
IoT Development

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 Munich, Germany

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