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Mar 17, 2017

MQ environment is very important for all business that is using it.
There are different tools that can be used to change, add, update MQ objects.
The main goal is to have one tool for all MQ connected products, that will have up to date sources of the objects.
Such tool is Midleo.

It combines easy responsive web interface, framework for creating the configuration files, access control for different kind of groups, svn support, different type of database access and many other interesting futures.
Idea is to have everything needed for disaster recovery of MQ objects on one place.

With this tool you can create not only MQ objects, but file transfer configuration and broker flow projects.

Important is to add tags and additional info, in order to find the object fast.
It is recommended to be used by experienced MQ Administrator, because when adding the info, the framework will create neccessary MQ, FTE objects, which you will deploy in your own environment.
The application is installable and can work on any server that support PHP.

More information and demo can be found on the website - www.midleo.com - Middleware Enteprise Organizer