web application for sending/receiving messages to/from Websphere MQ working on Websphere Application Server - mq.ear

@Vasil Vasilev 1798 days ago



following link provide one web application -> download link , which can be very helpfull for sending messages to Websphere MQ - manual or automated.
It is working on Websphere Application Server and to use it, you should configure some things.

All the samples files should be stored in subfolder samples.
In this example I am using Queue connection factory named jms/QM and few queues - jms/IncomingQueue, jms/OutgoingQueue, jms/OutgoingQueuePeople, jms/OutgoingQueueMessages.
All of this can be configured for your needs.
The file with configuration is in WEB-INF folder, named mq.properties.

You can upload own message, which is send once and not saved in samples directory, this is can be happen by uploading it from the web console - Browse -> Load Message -> Put uploaded message.
The automation script is sending random messages each 300ms.