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Application for Home automation - WebControl @ DevOps consultant
Jul 28, 2016


In my previous post, I have explained how you can control your home over the internet, with no direct connection to the controler/server and without limit of connected devices - Home automation with Raspberry pi 3, PIFace 2 and RabbitMQ/Websphere MQ
I am adding screenshots of the application.
It has login screen, Dashboard and Admin panel.

On the Dasboard page, you can controll the outputs of the Piface, that you have already described. Here you can turn on/off the connected device, and in few seconds you will get the status of the relay - if it is On, you will see green icon with tick, if it is Off, you will see red icon with cross sign.
You can connect different modules on your device - Raspberry pi or Arduino, with sensors and you can get online info about the measurments - temperature, humidity, PH..

In the Admin panel, you are adding/configuring the server and the ports.
Each server, should have unique server name - demo.server.local. The additional info is for you.
After that you have to add/configure the outputs of the PiFace. On each output, you can add info, so you know what is connected on this output.
Here is a picture of the outputs.

piface digital scheme

In the right side of the page of admin panel, there are additional settings for your account.
You can change your password for the panel, there is an option to add your email account and receive notifications if something is still Turned on, or if something is not turned.

With this application, you can not only control limitless outputs, but you can check the info about Inputs.
Here you can add sensors - for:

- if the window is closed
- if the door is closed
- if the garrage is closed
- if the lamp is on/off - light sensor
- if somebody is moving in the room/house/floor - motion sensor
- What is the temperature in the room - temperature sensor

Depends on the project needs, we can add modules for:

- temperature
- humidity
- CPU of the controller
- Memory of the controller
- SMS notification in case of movement in the house during your holiday abroad
- Camera modules
- Email notifications

You have to provide credentials for MQ server, because all communication is made by sending/receiving messages trough MQTT/AMQP.
There are different products - RabbitMQ in the cloud, IBM Bluemix, Amazon Web services.
All you need is to specify this MQTT/AMQP server.
You can use your own server also - RabbitMQ, IBM Websphere MQ, Apache ActiveMQ.

The application WebControl combines all the nessessary technologies in one easy for use web tool.

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