Configure IBM MQ Advenced Message Security (AMS) step by step

Complete guide for AMS (Advenced Message Security) configuration on MQ v>8 Hello,I am writing...

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Middleware Administrator -

MQ environment is very important for all business that is using it.There are different tools that can be...

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Sample Python script for publish/subscribe messages to IBM Message Hub on Bluemix

Hello,In this post I will write for

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Control your Home over the Web -

There are many tools, applications for controlling the house with an application via smartphone.I was curious...

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Application for Home automation - WebControl

Hello, In my previous post, I have explained how you can control your home over the internet, with no direct...

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Home automation with Raspberry pi 3, PIFace 2 and RabbitMQ/Websphere MQ

In nowadays we are talking more and more about Home automation. There are many products that everybody can...

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Internet Of Things - publishing messages and inserting the data into database

As I described in previous post -

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The Internet of things with RabbitMQ, Python, MQTT and AMQP

Hello,In nowadays we are speaking more and more about communication between `Things` over the internet....

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Internet of Things, MQ scripts and other stuff

Hello, I have started to share interesting and useful scripts in

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web application for sending/receiving  messages to/from Websphere MQ working on Websphere Application Server - mq.ear

Hello,following link provide one web application ->

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IBM Websphere Application Server Network Deployment and IBM HTTP Server - sample cluster

Hello,in this post, I will show how we can install and create one application, working on Webpshere...

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Migrating MQ servers to latest version of MQ

Hello,I will write some lines regarding migration of MQ servers.Some people dont like the word...

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Renaming Websphere MQFTE agents

Hello, after thinking about how somebody can create a new FTE agent on the same machine with a different name,I...

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